Animals are naked. Yeah kamo.

Kris: „Zvířata jsou nahá.“ A zkus říct, že to není pravda! Přesně s touhle myšlenkou jsme po půlnoci v jednom nejmenovaném žižkovském baru (když ještě byly otevřeny) zahájili naší kolaborační pouť. Ano, cesta byla poměrně dlouhá a nepřejivá. Konečné full length videjko vydáváme totiž skoro po roce… Pendlování mezi Prahou a Olomoucí, zavřené prodejny vietnamců a ranní kocoviny v tom taky hráli přeci jenom velkou roli. Ale přeci jenom ALL IST GUT EIN LOKAL UND LOUKOUM KOLLABORAZION IST FINIŠT. Teď si pěkně užíjte naše holé zádky…

Taky přidávám jedno přísloví, které jsem se cestou naučil. YOU LOUKOUM BUY GOOD. YOU LOUKOUM NO BUY. BREAKING ARMS. (vyslovuje se s výrazným ruským přízvukem)

POB: Každá mince má dvě strany a každej průser většinou minimálně dva pohledy na věc, takže jsem ještě vyzpovídal druhou část téhle olomoucko-francouzské dvojice – Kleze (chtěl jsem vám to přeložit, ale originál mi přišel fakt vtipnej, tak jsem to nechal, jak to přišlo)

How did you guys get together? I mean from what I understood you are from France, living in Prague and Kris is Olomouc rat.

Yes, I’m from Bretagne, the Celtic region known for “ crêpes“, sailors, the rain and so on… Well, we met with Kris in 1979 at a cocaine party of Giorgio Moroder. Back in the time I was already doing clean switch heelflips and I taught Kris how to ollie, how to take a line and how to be as cool as Ray Liotta at a cocaine party. That’s all. What? Ok… That’s not true… so we met in the Moravian capital in 2019. I had an interview in the number 8 of Lokal mag. It was fun because, I took the train to meet him for first time and you know what? I forgot my skate in the train for the fucking first time in my life, yeah kamo. That train was going to Poland or Slovakia, I don’t remember. So, I felt “ a little bit stupid “ to have a skate meeting and to forget my deck. Just a little bit. Then we went to Baumax and Kris shot his first pictures of me, skating his deck… and I had to land my tricks with a 8.5 instead of my „classic “ 8.125. Fuck, back in the time, I used to skate 7.5. I’m talking about 2000, 2001. 

That B&W aesthetics of video almost bring back memories of old Mystery videos. Why did you stylized it without color?

Well… I’ve been skating for 20 years mas o menos and I don’t remember if I started to take pictures or to skate but I remember that back in the time I used to shoot black and white only. Then, I travelled quite a lot and when the digital took off, I stopped taking pictures for a few years, I was sulking this new “ fast and cheap“ form of photography and photography in general. Back in 2010 mas o menos, I bought a digital camara and started to shoot again, then I came back to my first love, the analog pictures… and when I started Loukoum Skateboards in 2017, I also started to shoot videos, in black and white … always a mix of skate and other details, close ups, city life, animals and shit… and that’s kinda the identity of Loukoum Skateboards you know. For our collab, Kris was taking most of the pictures and we used my camera for the videos so it came in b/w naturally… but be sure, I’m gonna try to surprise myself in the future and do some colours or whatever other weird format. 

Seems like Loukom were able to get Lokal out of it´s natural habitat – ditches. Which spots have you been skating? I´ve seen some Zizkov and Vinohrady but others were quite uncommon.

Well… it’s a collab so … I’ve shown him  “ my spots “ …. and basically, I don’t have “ a spot „, I love to take my board and go around with no plans. Find spots on the way. It’s my spirit of skateboarding,

I’m not critisizing someone practicing on “ his spots“ or someone going to skateparks but for me it’s fucking boring. Just do what you like. That’s all. And don’t take yourself too seriously.

But make sure you land your trick properly. It’s funny, skateboarding is so free and it has so many rules at the same time. A strange mix. Anyway… when I went to Moravia, Kris had some plans in mind and we took the car and went to the spots he spotted… without knowing how rough it would be… and that’s the pretty uncommon spots you saw. 

The trick selection in the video is slightly below „the contemporary Instagram standard“. I think ou share this lesser importance of hard tricks with Lokal. Kris switches it for extremely rough or even unskateable spots. What´s Loukom´s excuse for shitty bag of tricks?

I know what you mean… We know it’s kinda missing a banger but fuck it, that video was done 4 meetings of 24 or 30 hours (including 3 hangovers :p )  and it’s about friendship, it’s about skateboarding … going on the streets and trying as hard as you feel on  the moment… it’s like a fisherman… he can come back home with a couple of smelts or 5 nice sea breams… If we would focus on “ being Insta cool “ , we would do it differently but this is simply not our vision of skateboarding. Have fun ! 

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