Avenue suspension truck review and test

Suspension Avenue trucks – are they better than regular trucks?

I belive you guys have already heard and read a lot about Avenue trucks. These special suspension trucks are on the top of latest skateboarding hardware trends in innovations.


But at the same time they divide people in two polarized groups: the ones who love it and the others who thing it´s just fad/ gimmick and there is absolutely no reason why to buy anything different then Independent truck (that´s actually funny because even from my experience the people who hated Avenue trucks were riding Indys 🙂

Whatever, I didn´t trusted them either at the beginning. But there was this marketing claim, that I couldn´t stop thinking about: „Everything has suspension: cars, bikes, trucks…. except for skateboards.“  So I´ve tried them and… love them from the very first time to this day and forever.

Pros of Avenue trucks

When you ride suspension trucks for the first time, there are some things, that you notice immediately:

Let you ride faster

Especially on rougher ground. The suspension absorb vibrations from ground and wheels and therefore it let you ride smoother and saves your bearings at the same time. On rough grind I compared Avenue trucks with Bones STF 53mm to regular trucks with soft 56mm wheels and Avenue rode much better.

Grind smoother

Yes, it does. Especially on the marble ledges it´s very buttery like, but it doesn´t have that rough „ggrrrrrriiiind“ sound as regualr trucks 🙂 But I can deal with that

Increase your pop

That´s also true. Or at least help you pop with less effort because it work like suspension – you push it and it pushes back (surprisingly:))

Cons of suspension trucks

Nothing is either black or white, there are also some issues that can make some people mad about Avenue trucks. This is what I´ve noticed:

They are heavier

Yes, they are. I mean – the hanger is hollow and itself it´s lighter than the regulat truck hanger. But due to it´s special construction, the baseplate is naturally heavier. But from my point of view it´s compensated by better pop.

Locks in grinds worse than reguar trucks

That´s just my personal feeling but if I grind on regular trucks on the edge it feels like they just lock-in and you grind the distance. But in the case of Avenue I have that feeling like the truck is trying to turn constantly even if locked in grind and it´s harder to keep balance.

Kingpins get beating

This is one issue I noticed watching my friend learning how to grind with Avenue trucks. If you want to grind smoothly with suspension trucks it´s better if you lock the grind just on the edge. In other words: if you jump unneccessarilly too high above the edge/ bench and then just stomp it, you´ll probably get stuck, because as you land to the grind, the truck compress and changes the hanger angle which exposes kingpin. So your kingpin nuts get worn a lot.


Will they break/ fall appart?

Surprisingly no! At first I expected them to bend or even break the baseplate after some time. But I aready ride them for over year or something and the baseplate still holds up great. But the hanger and especially kingpins are heavy beaten. And if you break some of these parts I belive you cannot replace it by standard hardware options available at the market.

Worth buying?

Simply yes! I know your feelings – to pay almost twice as much for trucks compared to Indys or other trucks? To me it was worth every penny as they say (of course we in Czech don´t have pennies, but you know what I mean:) After riding Avenue for over a year I cannot imagine to switch back to regular trucks.

2 komentáře: „Avenue suspension truck review and test

  1. Yeah mate!
    I’ve wanted avenues since 2015 and I finally got them last autumn. I don’t think I’ll return to normal trucks again – avenues are just smoother and faster. Most of the surfaces here in Bulgaria are very rough(shit pavement/cobblestone/cracked granite) and after a day of skating my knees felt terrible with normal trucks. I don’t think there is a change in pop – that comes with time and practice but they feel really mellow and carvy and they hold faster speeds better. The one downside is that the kingpin gets stuck faster but maybe I’m jung grinding more now. Another thing they deffinately are good for is longer manuals – I can bomb/manual a whole steep hill with these! Getting them delivered all the way here was expensive though since I bough mine from Germany – about 120€. I get a lot of hate and jokes for riding these but skateboarding is something unique and I don’t think you should ever care what others think about youe style.

    Overall they’re pretty legit.

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