Gran Canaria skateparks & skate spots: Maspalomas, Las Palmas, Telde, Playa del Ingles

So I have been to family vacation at Gran Canaria islands recently. Surely I had to pack my board alongside with the stroller to check local skate spots.

Few days before flight I have done my desk research to check whether it’s even worth to pack my board. At that point there wasn’t really that much clues about local skate scene. Basically only thing that I found helpful was this guy’s BMX blog with few extraordinary places.

Anyway I was surprised by some spots I have discovered at the island. We have stayed at Maspalomas – Playa del Ingles but I have also visited Telde skatepark and great spot in Las Palmas by car.

Most of the Gran Canaria sidewalks are made of this pavement with great grooves, which make it inappropriate especially for the smaller wheels and also makes this tiny little gaps and other small spots unskateable :-/

Maspalomas Skatepark

Easy to find on Google maps located near to Campo International. Bit rusty old concrete skatepark. Expect a lot of cracks, really rusty ledges…quite sketchy for my taste and 52mm wheels. But if you ride along the place I recommend to stop by.


Main street Maspalomas centre

On my trip by bike I have found this street with this crazy benches.



Great brick banks spot near Play Del ingles

I have found this spot by accident on my way to dinner. Definetely the best one at Gran Canaria. Brick banks, metal ledges….very funny!!!!


Skatepark Telde

On day after long trip to mountains we have stopped at skatepark of Telde. Had no time to skate it but it looked fine, bit dirty but nice. Some local guys were dropping hammers there so I didnt wanted to embarrass myself 🙂 Plus I have spotted two nice pieces next to the upper entrance of the skatepark.

Wave spot Las Palmas

This was definitely highlight of the trip. It took about an hour to drive that rusty rental Renault Clio with sick GF and son in the back and about 30 minutes to finally find its actual location , but I believe it was worth the time and the eternity in hell 🙂

You have probably seen this spot in multiple trip videos from Gran Canaria island. Really beauty, but not so easy to do anything but surfing the waves.


Skatepark Casa De La Condesa

Located on the east cost of the Gran Canaria Island on the way from Telde to Las Palmas. Haven’t enought time to stop there, but it looks kinda nice…

Snímek obrazovky 2017-05-16 v 10.28.30

Streets of Maspalomas spot mashup

On my bike trip around the city I have some small things to skate…


If you are going to Gran Canaria and plan to skate there, feel free to ask questions. And just one tip from personal experience: don’t underestimate the sun there even if the weather forecast shows only 23 grades of Cesius. It’s really hell out there in early afternoon. Take care!


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