Skate spots and skateparks: Israel: Tel Aviv (Yafo, Jaffa) + Jerusalem

Last year I have visited Israel for family vacation. Anyway I hav brought my board on board and have documented few spots I have came across.

Most of them is located near beach at Tel Aviv – Yafo (newer city center), big part of the best spots is located near Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Some of them (benches on wooden floor) are located at Old Jaffa (I highly recommend visiting small pubs and galeries there).

There is also some skatepark in Tel Aviv. But I have not been there, because street spots looked better than this old school pieces of concrete.

More about skateparks in Isreal and West Bank in general here:

or here:



Plus some good advice: don’t rely on good weather in Israel in January/February! 🙂 You might get very disappointed with heavy rains just as I did…

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